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by Velveljin

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Velveljin presents "ABC". Released from the parisian label RÉCIT, this EP includes 4 simple Pop / Rock style tracks based on New Wave / Post Punk.

The title track "ABC" starts with the words "I came down a long road" sounding like a confession. This track was written after the experience in the mountains. The experience described there is not the one of a simple record of a vertical achievement as climbing toward the peak, but the one of a fragmented memory including an inner reflection. The first sense of spring in the snowy deep mountains where the band stayed in 2016 is harmonized in a new wave style piece.

The lyrics of "Dolly Gray" and "Of Bloom" are written after "Ulysses" by James Joyce. The former recalls rough and tight texture that could be listened in the band's first self release, or the Post Punk music in the 2000's. The latter, starting with a reversed guitar melody, is a simple and peaceful Blues / Garage style track.

The track "Bonjour", sang in Japanese, is difficult to define at once if it's joking or serious. Here, sounds from various genres are mixed up.
Through these works, we can feel influences from classical band sound like The Smith or The Cure, and the change in the band’s way of creation as the lyrics. Changing their base from Kyoto to Paris, and passing through Punk, Rock, Electronica, and Contemporary music and also Silence influenced by John Cage’s philosophy, it seems now that the band tries to expresse all of these experiences in the frame of "Pop music".

The cover image and the graphic design was realized by Masayuki Makino, a Tokyo based designer. The mastering was realized by Kassian Troyer, a Berlin based engineer and artist of RÉCIT, who have worked with Pantha du Prince, Jan Jelinek, Pole, Fennesz and more.

Velveljinが、新作EP 「ABC」を発表する。パリを拠点とするレーベルRÉCIT から発表されるこの作品は、ニューウェーブ、ポストパンクを軸とした簡潔なポップ・ロックである。





カバー写真とグラフィックは東京在住のデザイナー、牧野正幸。マスタリングはこれまでPantha du Prince, Jan Jelinek, Pole, Fenneszなどを担当してきたベルリン在住のエンジニアで、RÉCIT のアーティストでもあるKassian Troyerが手がけている。


released June 18, 2017



all rights reserved


RÉCIT Paris, France

Founded by Yohei Yamakado and Mana Haraguchi in 2012, RÉCIT is about the curiosity on all auditive experiences and the rest.

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